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[2024] Is Charlotte Worth Visiting? Yes! 4 Reasons You Should Visit!

From its amazing weather and abundance of street art, Charlotte is worth visiting!
Is Charlotte worth visiting? Wells Fargo Plaza in uptown Charlotte.


Last week, I recommended several things to do when visiting uptown Charlotte.

This week, for my ninth installment in my 'Is X Worth Visiting' series, I want to convince you that North Carolina's largest city is definitely worth visiting in 2024!

Following my second visit in March of 2024 to this southern metropolis, Charlotte has climbed up into the top five of my favorite U.S cities! Some of my other favored U.S cities include Detroit and New York City!

What about Charlotte inspired me to bump the city up into my top five ranking?

Here's my opportunity to persuade you! Find out my four reasons as to why I believe Charlotte is worth visiting!


Is Charlotte Worth Visiting in 2024?

Charlotte has incredible public art and murals

Is Charlotte worth visiting? The Firebird statue outside the entrance to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in uptown Charlotte off S Tryon St.
Charlotte's most famous statue and one of its biggest tourist attractions!

Whether it is day or night, locals and visitors to Charlotte's uptown queue up to get their picture taken under the Firebird statue. The decorative statue, standing at 17 feet 5 inches high, is stationed outside the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art off S Tryon St-- the busiest street in uptown.

Another imaginative public art structure also located on S Tryon St is Il Grande Disco-- a.k.a 'The Grand Disc'.

Is Charlotte worth visiting? Il Grande Disco or The Grand Disc in uptown Charlotte off S Tryon St.
Another memorable structure in Charlotte's uptown is Il Grande Disco.

A large and fun gimmick in uptown Charlotte between S Church St and the CATS railroad line is the Musical Parking Garage. On every side of the parking structure, there are differently colored beams. Below those beams are panels with handprint icons.

When you place your right hand on the panels, the parking structure plays a musical pitch.

Is Charlotte worth visiting? Musical Parking Garage in uptown Charlotte, NC.
A huge instrument anyone can play!

If you're renting a car, I encourage you to drive 20 minutes outside uptown to check out the Metalmorphosis sculpture.

The sculpture is of a large male human head composed entirely of stainless steel plates. It is nested in a gorgeous fountain outside an office building.

Is Charlotte worth visiting? Metalmorphosis statue in Charlotte, NC.
The Metalmorphosis statue in Charlotte, NC.

Now, we arrive at my favorite chapter of Charlotte's public art: the murals!

Many of Charlotte's best murals are concentrated in one alley called Luminous Lane. If you've been to Ann Arbor and walked through Graffiti Alley or The BELT in Detroit, Luminous Lane is just like those!

Except... I like Luminous Lane the most of the three!

Luminous Lane in uptown Charlotte.
Walking through Luminous Lane.

If S Tryon St is uptown Charlotte's busiest street, I would say S College St is its second busiest. This public art center is located between 3rd St and 4th St off S College St.

Luminous Lane is also one of Charlotte's newest attractions, having been completed in 2023! It didn't even exist when I first visited back in December 2021!

Luminous Lane in uptown Charlotte.
The entrance to Charlotte's coolest public art project, Luminous Lane!

Dangling above the heads of visitors to Luminous Lane are criss-crossed fairy lights, which add some ambiance to the alley.

Below are some of my favorite murals down Luminous Lane.

A mural of a small boy in Luminous Lane in uptown Charlotte.
A mural in Luminous Lane.
A mural of a cat vomiting a rainbow in Luminous Lane in uptown Charlotte.
Pretty cool, huh?
A mural of a female figure resembling a goddess in Luminous Lane in uptown Charlotte.
Luminous Lane is a must-see when visiting Charlotte!

There is also a scavenger hunt you can do around uptown Charlotte called ArtWalks CLT. This gives you the opportunity to simultaneously explore more of the city and see more amazing murals throughout the city!

Here are my favorites from ArtWalks CLT:

A mural included in the ArtWalks CLT tour in uptown Charlotte.
One of the murals included on ArtWalks CLT.
A mural included in the ArtWalks CLT tour in uptown Charlotte.
I also used this image in my article on things to do in uptown.

As a city explorer, I spent nearly all of my time in Charlotte's uptown. Let me show you further all that uptown Charlotte has to offer!

Uptown Charlotte has plenty to do

A mural included in the ArtWalks CLT tour in uptown Charlotte.
The Sonic Runway is right by Charlotte's best museums and is really fun for people to walk through at night!

What is highly convenient is a majority of the best things to do in uptown Charlotte are in very close proximity to one another.

For a place to stay right by the things I'm about to recommend, I would suggest the Hilton Charlotte Uptown, which is located about three minutes away from Luminous Lane! It's the hotel I stayed in during my last visit.

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Located on the Levine Avenue of the Arts, a street which intersects both S Tryon St and S College St, is the stimulating Sonic Runway, as pictured above!

You can technically do Sonic Runway during the day too but, honestly, it is far more fun at night! The rings you walk through change color in rhythm to the music and the music is louder.

Sonic Runway is located between Mint Museum Uptown and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art-- both which are great museums to visit!

Outside of Mint Museum Uptown. You can see Sonic Runway in the image as well.
The side of Mint Museum Uptown facing Sonic Runway.

Just like how now Charlotte is one of my favorite cities in the U.S, the Mint Museum would also make my list of favorite five art museums!

Mint Museum Uptown has mostly just paintings. Very colorful paintings, at that! Included are some of my favorites!

A painting inside Mint Museum Uptown.
I used this painting as one of the backgrounds on my phone!
A painting inside Mint Museum Uptown.
This painting was inside one of the elevators!
A painting inside Mint Museum Uptown.

Mint Museum Uptown costs $15 for an adult ticket, unless you visit on a Wednesday from the hours of 5PM to 9PM. Then, the ticket is free!

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is across the street from Mint Museum Uptown. Like the Guggenheim in Manhattan, I think the exterior of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is pretty cool to gaze at, with its orange hue.

A sculpture on a floor of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.
On a patio of the museum, where you can see some of its cool orange architecture in the background.

As a reminder, this is the museum behind the famous Firebird statue.

Entry to this museum is $9 for an adult ticket.

The Green is a lovely public park across from the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in uptown Charlotte.
The Green is the most visited public park in uptown.

There are two public parks to check out in uptown: The Green and Romare Bearden Park.

The Green has a theme centric around classic literature. One sculpture at the end of the park looks like stacked books, with classic titles like Don Quixote written one one of the spines of the books.

There is also this pole with signs pointing toward a town called Edgar, a town called Allen, and a town called Poe.

A pole inside The Green in uptown Charlotte, NC
There's another one for Mark Twain.

Charlotte is beautiful to walk through and explore at nighttime too, as many of the skyscrapers and buildings are colorfully lit up.

Uptown Charlotte at night, with the Honeywell building lit up.
The Honeywell building and a nearby building lit up at night.
Uptown Charlotte at night, the intersection of S Church St and Levine Avenue of the Arts.
Uptown Charlotte lit up at night, at the intersection of S Church St & Levine Avenue of the Arts.

For more museums and places to check out in uptown Charlotte, check out my article about those extra things to do by clicking here.

The weather is lovely

Outside of Overstreet Mall off Trade St.
The Overstreet Mall connects many buildings throughout uptown.

I first visited Charlotte in Decemeber 2021. The temperature during the daytime reached a high of 73° F. In December. Living in Michigan, where the temperature would be much colder, I really appreciated this!

In March 2024, the temperature was about the same. Clear skies, sunny, and warm.

There are some cities in the U.S, like Seattle and Portland, which are known for less favorable weather-- that being rain. Or Chicago, for being windy. Charlotte's weather is great-- though I hear like many cities in the south, summers can get a bit hot!

As you'll see in the image above, there are green trees planted all around uptown. So, unlike the downtowns of many cities, Charlotte isn't a full concrete jungle.

Charlotte has an amusement park

A rollercoaster in Carowinds in Charlotte, NC.
One unique thing Charlotte offers is an amusement park. Source: Shutterstock

Having grown up in relative close proximity to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, it was cool to learn that Charlotte has an amusement park too!

Just like Nickelodeon Universe inside the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Charlotte has Carowinds.

Granted, I don't spend much time in amusement parks anymore due to getting motion sickness on my most recent rollercoaster rides. I don't know if maybe I should just eat more beforehand or be better hydrated or what.

Since I heard many locals in Charlotte speak highly of Carowinds, I am including it in this article, despite having not personally gone.

When I do come to Charlotte again, I'll visit Carowinds briefly. Hopefully, I don't get ill and can have some fun!


Considering Charlotte's art scene, museums, natural beauty of the city, great weather, and having an amusement park, Charlotte is a wonderful city to spend a weekend!

Have I inspired you to visit Charlotte soon? Let me know because I love hearing from my readers! And you know what? People have really taken up the opportunity to contact me after reading my articles!

I hope I've helped provide a satisfying 'yes' to the question 'Is Charlotte Worth Visiting?'. Thank you for reading!

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