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Author: Michael DeFranceschi • Updated December 16, 2022

Is Connecticut in New York?

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Is Connecticut in New York? A sunrise over the skyline of New York City.


If you reside in the United States and you see the question asked in the title, you could probably answer it in under one second and be on your way. This post is moreso intended for my non-American readers planning their next trip or move to the United States.

So... is Connecticut in New York??

The answer is... no.

Okay, so if Connecticut is not in New York, then... where is it? Well, turns out they are quite close! There are 50 states within the United States and New York and Connecticut are two of them. Both of these states are in the northeastern part of the continental United States.

Is Connecticut in New York? No-- but the states do border one another! Here is a picture of a map of the US with the two states colored in. New York is green and Connecticut is orange.
The states of New York and Connecticut on a map. New York is green; Connecticut is orange.

How far is Connecticut from New York?

As you can see on the map, the states do border one another. For many trips, it would not take "long" for you to get from New York to Connecticut and vice versa. To assess time and distance, we will use major cities from both states.

How far is Connecticut from New York by car? About 38 miles (61 km). Driving from New York City to Stamford takes about an hour. Taking an Amtrak train or Greyhound bus takes about the same time. To find the best prices on train and bus tickets, I recommend the app Wanderu.

Due to the short amount of time it takes to drive/ride between NYC and Stamford, flying commercial isn't even an option. Seriously-- there are no direct flights from John F. Kennedy International nor LaGuardia International to Bradley International.

Driving from Buffalo-- a city on the western edge of New York state to Stamford will take about 6.5 hours-- not including stops. The distance is about 387 miles to 413 miles (623 to 664 km). Taking the train from Buffalo to Stamford will take close to 12 hours because of transfers. There are also no direct flights from Buffalo to Stamford.

Connecticut vs New York

In fall 2021, I went to both states in the same trip due to their close proximity. When I travel, I prefer going to cities. In New York, I went to the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens boroughs of New York City. As for Connecticut, I visited Greenwich and Stamford.

Connecticut vs New York. The late-night talk show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is filmed live in Times Square in Manhattan, New York.
The famous late night talk show is filmed live in Times Square.

For a city traveler, it will likely come as no surprise that New York is much more fun than Connecticut. The population of New York City as of 2021 is about 8.5 million compared to Stamford's approximate 136,000 in the same year.

One could make an entire blog on things to do and see in New York City alone. Thus, this is far from an exhaustive list of things to do in the Big Apple. It will moreso help illustrate the differences between New York and Connecticut.

There are countless TV shows and films set in New York City. Heck, two of the 90's most popular US sitcoms, Seinfeld and Friends, both take place in New York City (though were filmed in Los Angeles). Whenever you see New York City or hear New York City talked about on screen, you are very likely seeing/hearing about the borough of Manhattan-- with Brooklyn being a close second.

Connecticut vs New York. A picture of the author in Times Square in Manhattan, New York at night.
Me in Times Square in the Manhattan borough of New York City at night.

Manhattan has all the really tourist-y and most well-known attractions. Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Wall Street, and Madison Square Garden, to name a few.

The Statue of Liberty may be the most recognizable statue on Earth. Going to One World Observatory in Manhattan will get you a tremendous view of the statue from land. If you want an even closer view of the famous statue, you can ride the Staten Island Ferry-- for free!

You can find any type of cuisine in New York City. Not only that, the cuisine will be top-tier as well. You could make an entire blog out of New York City restaurants too.

As for Greenwich, it's a place you go to escape the grind of the big city. It's downtown is far more akin to a small town than a city.

Connecticut vs New York. Author dining outdoors at an Italian restaurant in downtown Greenwich.
Dining at a restaurant in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut.

One thing I've joked with people is when you visit Greenwich, you can "feel the wealth". The first thing I saw when I arrived in Greenwich was a yacht club. It may look like a small town but it attracts big, big money.

I spent less than a day in Stamford. I had only heard of the city because it's mentioned in the US version of The Office. It was nothing special. Having already been to other big cities in the US like Detroit, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, Stamford paled in comparison.

Author standing next to a sculpture that spells out 'Stamford'.
I did like this picture though from Stamford.

The weather in both states hardly differs due to them being in the same part of the country. They experience all four seasons in their full essence. Those not used to cold weather may find their winters a bit harsh. The average high/low temperature in New York City in January ranges from 41° F to 28° F, (5° C to -2.2° C), respectively.

New York has a fairly high sales tax of 8.875%. Connecticut has a moderately high sales tax of 6.35%.

Cities in the US tend to favor liberal politics as opposed to conservative politics. In presidential elections since 1992, the majority of citizens in New York and Connecticut have voted Democrat. I don't get political and am merely sharing this information in case my LBGTQIA+ and/or POC readers are curious.

The city on the New York Connecticut border

The answer is... Rye. Like the bread.

This apparently a somewhat popular thing for people to search. I have never been to Rye nor aspire to go (no offense, of course, to anyone who lives there). The town has less than 20,000 people.


Not only did you learn the answer to 'Is Connecticut in New York?', you got some additional information for your upcoming travels! And some trivia for a crossword puzzle answer! While I enjoyed Connecticut less than New York, I would still visit Connecticut again.

New York, though? Yeah, you'll have a much better time there! Enjoy it!

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