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[2024] Is Salt Lake City Worth Visiting By Itself? Maybe.

It's the one place you can be a 'SL,UT'.
Window of the letters S, L, U, and T arranged creatively. SL stands for Salt Lake and UT stands for Utah.


Utah was the 28th state I visited.

When I told people one of the places in Utah I was going to visit was Salt Lake City, most people called the city "boring".

Is Utah's capitol really that boring? Is the city even worth visiting at all?

If you visit Utah, I say that Salt Lake City is not a waste of time but I would include some state and or national parks in your itinerary to make your trip worthwhile!

Even when visiting Salt Lake City, you can still get some incredible views of the mountains. The city is safe, the people are especially friendly, the architecture is eye-catching, and there's even an active nightlife!

Let's explore further why Salt Lake City just might be worth it for you to visit in 2024!


Is Salt Lake City worth visiting in 2024? 5 Reasons Why It Might Be...

Salt Lake City still has beautiful scenery

Mountains in the back of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mountains in the background of downtown.

People oftentimes associate the state of Utah with "Mormons". Instead, the word should be "mountains".

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is one of the prettiest airports in the country to fly into, as you'll see the mountains surrounding the airport as you descend from the sky.

I wish I had a picture of this from inside the plane. Sometimes, you just need to enjoy certain views with your own eyes and not through the lens of a camera.

The interior of SLC is pretty nice too.

A terminal inside Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC).
The A terminal inside Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC).

When exploring the neighborhoods of Salt Lake City on foot, like downtown and the Temple District, you'll be able to catch glimpses of the mountains surrounding the city.

Below is a picture I remember being taken somewhere between Delta Center (where the Utah Jazz play) and the Temple District. Look at the scenery in the background!

Author standing near mountains in Salt Lake City.
One of my favorite photos of me in a city.

What about street art? Well, Salt Lake City did not have too much of it. I did happen to find a pretty cool mural of a lightbulb somewhere in the city.

There was another cool mural outside a nightclub called the Rust and Relic which I will post in this article later.

A mural of a lightbulb in Salt Lake City.
A mural of a lightbulb in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City has gorgeous architecture

A building constructed by the Latter Day Saints for their founder Joseph Smith in Salt Lake City. It is called the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
The Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Most of the interesting architecture in Salt Lake City is located in the Temple District.

As you can probably decipher by the name, the Temple District is the hub for the Latter Day Saints.

Aside from, of course, gorgeous temples, buildings such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Office Building (a mouthful, I know), The Church of Latter Day Saints Conference Center, and Church History Museum all have impressive architecture.

My favorite of the aforementioned buildings was the Office Building. It has globes carved into the building, which is pretty cool.

Outside of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Office Building in the Temple District of Salt Lake City.
A Mormon office building with neat architecture. Source: Shutterstock

At the intersection of South Temple and State Street is a really cool art sculpture which arches and spans across both sides of State Street. It is called the Eagle Gate Monument. It's actually been there for quite a long time-- it was completed all the way back in 1859!

The Eagle Gate Monument in Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
The Eagle Gate Monument in Temple Square is one of the coolest pieces of public art in Salt Lake City.

For some more modern architecture and a chance to do some shopping, check out City Creek.

City Creek in downtown Salt Lake City.
City Creek is a shopping center in downtown.

Salt Lake City has an active nightlife

A building constructed by the Latter Day Saints for their founder Joseph Smith in Salt Lake City.
A mural outside a nightclub in the city.

When I was walking around the city the first night we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the nightlife. Perhaps the reason I was surprised was me thinking a city with a large Mormon population wouldn't have much to do after dark.

Turns out, I saw bars, nightclubs, and music venues.

As I was just walking around the city and didn't partake in anything, I don't have much else to say beyond this point.

The people are very friendly

In my experience of exploring the mountain states thus far, I have to say one consistent trait is that the people are especially friendly.

When you are surrounded by such astounding natural beauty day-to-day, I'm sure that helps a bit with a person's mood!

When we were exploring Salt Lake City on a Sunday morning, we saw several members of the Mormon church walking around. They too were very polite. No one tried to preach to us or anything. They just went about their business, as we did with ours.

Other places to check out

The Windows Trail of Arches National Park.
The Windows Trail is one of the easier hiking trails of Arches National Park.

For city explorers like myself, Utah has far more to offer when it comes to state and national parks than city life.

Salt Lake City is worth visiting for a day. Maybe two tops.

After seeing the city, rent yourself a car and drive down to Moab to see Arches National Park. It's about a 4 hour drive if you don't stop.

Arches National Park is a must-see for anyone visiting Utah. Bear in mind, because the park has experienced a massive influx of tourists in recent years, you may have to make a reservation to see the park.

Yeah, a reservation. Like a fancy restaurant. We had to. Check their website and see if a reservation is necessary for when you visit.


So, is Salt Lake City worth visiting in 2024?

For a day. Maybe two tops. Even with the shorter duration, I still enjoyed my visit. I would revisit the city again, though, like I said, only for a day or two.

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