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You Can Now Apply For or Renew TSA Precheck With CLEAR Plus! Here's How! [2024]

You'll get a discount on TSA PreCheck® booking through CLEAR Plus!
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On April 30, I received an email from CLEAR informing me that now you can either apply for or renew TSA PreCheck® with your CLEAR Plus membership!

I've had both of these programs for years and it's made air travel 10x faster and less stressful.

The email CLEAR Plus members will receive or have received informing them they can apply for or renew TSA PreCheck with their CLEAR Plus membership.
The email from CLEAR you will receive with the option to apply for or renew TSA PreCheck®.

Both CLEAR Plus and TSA PreCheck® are designed to get you through airport security really quick. I've often gotten through security in as little as 90 seconds.

If you don't have either program, you're actually in luck! You can save money by applying for both programs together!

Here is how you can go about applying for or renewing TSA PreCheck® if you are already enrolled in CLEAR Plus and a quick overview about both programs.

How to apply for TSA PreCheck with CLEAR

In the email you should have received from CLEAR, there should be a link in the email with the option to get TSA PreCheck.

Here is the link to get TSA PreCheck, if you don't want to dig through your email!

You'll be taken to a page now with two options: either to apply for TSA PreCheck® or to renew TSA PreCheck®.

The page on CLEAR's website you will be directed to after clicking the link in the email CLEAR sends you about applying to TSA PreCheck or renewing TSA PreCheck through your CLEAR Plus membership.
The option on CLEAR's website to either apply or renew.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, if you don't have either program, you're actually in a good position!

On its own, CLEAR normally costs $189 annually. If you buy it as a bundle with TSA PreCheck®, CLEAR Plus will only cost you $122 for your first year. This will save $67 on your first year with CLEAR (that rhymed).

If you already have CLEAR Plus but do not have TSA PreCheck®, you will save... well... only 5 cents. On its own, TSA PreCheck® costs $78. With CLEAR? $77.95.

If you already have both CLEAR Plus and TSA PreCheck®, receiving this email does not mean you need to renew. When your time comes to renew, you will receive an email from the Transporation Security Administration (TSA).

However, if it is your time to renew, you can save... $1.05 by renewing through CLEAR. Renewing TSA PreCheck® normally costs $70 (if done online). With CLEAR? $68.95.

What is CLEAR Plus?

For an in-depth rundown on CLEAR Plus, I've written an click here to read my article about this!

For a quick rundown on CLEAR Plus, here's what you'll want to know.

CLEAR is a privately owned company. Currently, they operate in 61 airports.

CLEAR's goal is to get you through airport security much faster. They do this by verifying your identity at a kiosk (though this will change really soon...) by scanning either your eyes or fingerprints.

Once you apply for CLEAR, you can begin using the program the same day.

CLEAR's membership lasts for one year before you must renew. The cost of a CLEAR Plus membership is $189-- unless you bundle it together with TSA PreCheck®, like I mentioned earlier in this article.

What is CLEAR NextGen Identity+?

For more information on CLEAR NextGen Identity+, click here to read my article on this topic.

In short, CLEAR NextGen Identity+ is a free upgrade CLEAR Plus members are getting. The company CLEAR plans to, throughout 2024, revamp how they verify the identity of its customer. Instead of kiosks, they plan to use facial recognition.

As of the time of this writing, I have enrolled in CLEAR NextGen Identity+ but I've still only seen kiosks at every airport I've been to.

What is TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck® is a program provided through the US federal government to help qualified passengers get through airport security faster.

After applying online and paying $78, you must then schedule an appointment at an enrollment center (usually an airport) to pass a background check. This process can take a few weeks.

Once you have the program, you have to then enter a Known Traveler Number (KTN) everytime you book a flight. It's handy if you're already enrolled in a frequent flier program, like Spirit Airlines's Free Spirit program, as you'll only have to enter the KTN once.

TSA PreCheck® lasts five years before its time to renew.

To see my in-depth comparison on TSA PreCheck® versus Global Entry, please click here to read more.

Can you use CLEAR and TSA PreCheck together?

Yes, you can use CLEAR and TSA PreCheck® together.

Take it from the words of CLEAR CEO Caryn Seldman-Becker: "TSA PreCheck with enrollment by CLEAR provides a fast and efficient airport experience. This is a win-win for U.S travelers who will have access to more enrollment locations, expanded hours and other benefits."

I agree. I've been using both for years now and I proudly tell other travelers about both!

Even though one program is through a private company and the other the U.S federal government, the programs are not in competition with each other. They work very well together. They can shorten your time getting through airport security even more!

This package deal, which is the focus of this article, is further proof these programs work hand-in-hand.


CLEAR is making big strides in 2024.

From becoming available in more airports to coupling with TSA PreCheck® to save fliers money and advancing its technology to use facial scans instead of retina and fingerprint scanning, CLEAR is helping more people save time and money at the airport!

I'm excited to see more of what CLEAR does in the coming years! Are you?

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