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Contact 'Michael Visits All'

Email, social media, and FAQs.
US travel blogger Michael DeFranceschi behind a colorful mural in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.


I only have one professional email address so for, well, anything... email me at

Got Instagram, TikTok, and Threads? Follow me @michaelvisitsall.

Now, for some FAQs:

Other reasons to contact


If you are interested in interviewing me or hosting me on a podcast episode/radio broadcast, I would be thrilled to speak to you! Send me an email:

For citing me in an article, my one requirement is a DoFollow backlink to my blog.

Guest posts

If you are interested in hiring me for a guest post, particularly in the travel sector, I am happy to discuss the opportunity with you. Please email me:

My one requirement for a guest post is 1-3 relevant DoFollow backlinks in the guest post to my blog. One DoFollow backlink to my homepage and possibly one or two DoFollow backlinks to other articles, if the topics are relevant enough to the topic of the guest post.

For my blog, I am not offering any guest post opportunities at this time.

I take pride in my blog being authentic-- meaning if I write about a place, I've actually visited there. I like using my own photos and for the text to be in my own voice.


If you are hiring for a ghostwriter either on a part-time or freelance basis, I am open to discussing the opportunity. Send me an email:!

For my own blog, I am not offering any ghostwriting opportunities at this time.

Article corrections

Just like how it's important my blog be authentic, it is also important to me my travel blog is factually accurate.

Sometimes, places I may recommend may close down. Maybe a mural is no longer there. Maybe the hours of operation change.

Please feel free to email me any updates and corrections at

Did I make a typo? It happens sometimes! Let me know if I made one!


I love to hear from my readers so please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

One more thing before we depart: could you please subscribe to the blog?

All I ask for is the email address. I won't sell the email address and I typically only show up in your inbox once a week-- for the newsletter!

I look forward to hearing from you! Safe travels!